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Answer Incoming Calls. Without Distractions.

Create your own virtual AI assistant. Let your assistant take care of your incoming calls and send important leads to your email.

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Handling inbound phone calls is a pain for busy founders

You're in the middle of a task and you get a phone call. You answer it and get distracted. After the call, you forget what you were doing. It's a pain to get back to work.


You get an phone call and you get distracted in your current task


Its just a sales person that want to sell something


YOu end the call and forgot what your did

How it works

Transform Incoming Call to Inbox

Our service is designed to make your life easier. Here's how it works:

We Handle the Incoming Call

Whether as a backup or the primary line, our service seamlessly takes your calls.


Your Virtual Assistant in Action

Our AI assistant manages the conversation based on your custom settings, ensuring a personalized experience for each caller.


Receive Call Details Directly

After every call, get an immediate summary sent straight to your inbox, keeping you updated with key information and potential leads.

Your Options

Choose the Ideal Setup. Tailored to Your Business.

You can use your virtual assistant depending on your current capacity and team size, either to handle all calls or just as a fallback.

Around the clock

You don't have a support hotline? Let your call assistant handle all incoming phone calls and focus on your work.

Backup during peak hours

Let your call assistant help you with incoming calls when your team is busy with other tasks.

Outside of business hours

Let your call assistant take care of customer concerns during closed hours.


Customize it to your needs.

Configure multiple agents

Create multiple agents for different use cases

Add context about your business

Define how the AI should respond to questions about your business.

Define a conversation guide

Define which questions need to be answered by the prospect. The AI will guide the conversation accordingly.

Setup forwarding rules

Define forwarding rules for unanswered questions to your team members or other agents.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Contact me on Twitter or by email.

  • You can define how your virtual assistant should respond to incoming phone calls. Our AI will answer the phone and ask the caller for their name and the reason for their call.

    After a successful call, you will receive a notification with the caller's details.

  • You can request a free try by completing this form.
  • The app supports English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. More languages are coming soon.
  • You can reach out by email.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Get More Leads.

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